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Average “Trade Ohtani” post


Hello, I am not an Angels fan but here is a list of reasons and articles on why your team is bad and needs to stop squandering talent. Have you ever heard that mentioned before? I am going to post 6 month old articles on why your team should trade your hall of fame players because your team sucks and should stop letting them play for your bad team. You should feel really bad about yourself for rooting for such a pathetic team. Good thing I, fan of not your team, do not root for them which I needed to post this in your team’s fanbase social spaces because I don’t think this has been mentioned before; I thought you should just take a look :))))) Thank you for taking your time to read my post about why I, not a fan of your team, think your team is bad for the sport because player that I like is not on a good team.

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